Best 3 Metal Detectors That Never Miss The Target

Finding the best metal detectors for use in the market can be a daunting task, especially for beginners who want to start a “treasure” hunt — detecting any kind of valuable metals they can possibly find on the earth’s surface. As a result, anyone who wants to make his or her metal detecting quests become a smooth one should find a detection gadget that’s easy to use, easily detects all kinds of metals, and offers excellent detection depth for ease and great convenience.

Here is a handy guide that users should follow in order to determine the best 3 metal detectors that never miss the target. Following this guide will ensure that all users buy the very best metal detectors on the market, to help them throughout their metal detecting needs.

1. Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

Best 3 Metal Detectors That Never Miss The TargetBounty Hunter’s Junior Metal Detector gives people a vast, cutting-edge metal-detecting functionality experience — all in a compact, lightweight package. The Bounty Hunter Junior is a superb and convenient facility for detecting or tracking coin-sized objects up to 5” deep and larger objects about 3ft. It has no any restrictive control when it comes to passing through unwanted metals every time the target indicator meter picks an object’s signal strength. To determine the approximate depth of any object, the volume of the signal rises as the object gets closer. The youth and kids of ages between 6 – 12 will have fun using this metal detector for it’s easy to use and, in case they experience any problems, this brilliant metal detector comes with an exclusive Bounty Hunter’s I year warranty to ensure everybody’s experience using the product is awesome!


  • Adjustable power/sensitivity
  • Adjustable trash elimination
  • Low battery indicator
  • Proportional volume to measure strength


  • Highly efficient for detecting the presence of all metals, such as brass, silver, gold, iron and steel.
  • Detects coin-sized object up to 5 inches deep and larger ones up to 2 feet deep.
  • Easy and comfortable to use.

2. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Best 3 Metal Detectors That Never Miss The TargetThe Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector is a state-of-the-art metal detector that’s easy to use and is highly reliable and convenient for any metal detecting tasks. Beginners or any new person to metal detecting quests should have no problem using this device, because once they set the sensitivity and discrimination of devise — they’re ready to hunt for treasure! The detector also makes a great backup every time a user decides to upgrade down the line, which is useful in those series of unexpected detecting session occasions.


  • Automatic ground balance
  • Sensitivity control
  • Built-in speaker
  • Target strength meter
  • Discrimination control
  • And MORE…


  • Easily detects coin-size targets up to 8 inches deep and larger targets up to 2 feet.
  • Detects the presence of all metal types like brass, gold, silver, aluminum, etc.
  • Easy to use knob control interface, making it a great metal detector for beginners.

3. Garrett Metal Detectors Ace 250 Discovery Pack

Best 3 Metal Detectors That Never Miss The TargetThe Garret ACE 250 is a top quality, reliable and easy to use coin and relic detector that’s capable of detecting even the most seemingly small, shallow metals. Although it’s labeled under the “beginners” machine, it is packed with a handful of functions usually found on the upper-end detectors. All users upon purchase of this product will definitely like and find this device to be lightweight and straightforward easy-to use-functions, fun and easy to look after, and budget friendly too.


  • 3piece travel storage disassembles
  • Adjustable arm cuff quarter inch
  • Jack Search Modes Discrimination control
  • 5 plus electronic pinpointing gadget that detects all metals
  • And MORE!


  • Easily detects all kinds of metals on any surface of the earth.
  • Excellent detection depth, meaning it’s capable of tracking even the smallest metal underneath the earth surface.
  • Rugged design and easy-to-use operation interface, making it a great coin and relic detector for beginners.

Above is a roundup of the best 3 metal detectors that never miss the target, they are high quality, easy to use, a great choice for beginners, and are highly efficient in detecting all kinds of metals no matter how deep they are buried in the ground. Therefore, anyone who wants to add some little excitement in their treasure hunt escapade and be sure to get striking results, should look to purchasing and trying out some of these series of cutting-edge metal detectors because they will always live up to their expectations!