How Technology Does Affect Relationships?

How Technology Does Affect RelationshipsIn this modern world, it is impossible to survive without technology. Different gadgets like smartphones, have become an integral part of our daily life, and we can’t imagine living without them. It is true, that technology helps us to keep contact with our friends and relatives all around the globe. But in a way it is affecting our relationships. If you visit any park, you will find couples staring at their smartphones instead of communicating with each other. We end up spending more time with our gadgets, rather than with our friends or partners. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and technology is affecting that. Life without technology is not boring, our grandparents are the best example of that.

The main ways by which technology is affecting relationships are:


Video games is one of the biggest distractions, which affects relationships. Because of the rise of smartphones, mobile gaming has become hugely popular. You will find most of the guys addicted to games like Clash Of Clans or Temple Run. Video games makes us ignore the people around us. Also, video games with too violence inside it is very harmful. It affects our minds, and it can have an indirect effect on our relationships.


We can’t imagine a life without our phones. Forget the entire day, we feel uncomfortable even if we don’t have our phone with us for two hours. Our day starts with checking the notifications in the phone, and then we use the phone continuously for professional or personal use. It is affecting our relationships. It makes us ignore the people around us. Face to face communication is extremely important for a healthy relationship.


How Technology Does Affect RelationshipsNowadays, it has become a habit for many people to share all the information about their personal lives on social networks. We end up sharing too much information about our relationships. Before posting anything, it is important to realize how your partner will feel about it, and how it will affect your relationship. Some things should be kept private for a happy relationship.


Technology can have a serious effect on our health, especially mental health. Anxiety and depression may creep in inside you. It makes us become short tempered, and we end up saying something to our loved ones which we didn’t mean to say. It affects us physically as well. Different diseases can occur like insomnia. It has an adverse affect on relations and also sex life.


Trust is the key element behind every successful relationship. And online chatting doesn’t help the situation. If we find our partners constantly chatting with someone, a sense of insecurity creeps in. It results in fights, and thousands of relationships have ended this way.


Sometimes all we need is a warm hug or at least a handshake. All those smileys or emoji, which we receive on social media, doesn’t have that personal feel attached to it. Physical touch is very important in a relationship. Technology affects our relationships, but in this modern world, it is not possible for us survive without technology. All we have to do is balance things properly and make sure that our relationships stay healthy.

Nobody Can Imagine to Live without These 7 Technologies

Technology nowadays advances at such breakneck speeds it can be hard to keep up. With constant innovation, technological advances have made our lives considerably easier. In fact, technology has become such an integral part of our lives, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without it. While we may not need every single type of technology that is produced, there are some we actually can’t picture living without.

And so, presented below are 7 technologies that we cannot bare to live without.

1. The Internet

Nobody Can Imagine to Live without These 7 TechnologiesWhat would the world be without the internet? It is the mother of all technology and the impact it has is tremendous. People use the internet for everything. Not only has the internet made communication extremely easy, it has given individuals the opportunity to access any information they want at any given time. People literally have access to an array of data at their fingertips.

2. The Smart Phone

Nobody Can Imagine to Live without These 7 TechnologiesImagine life without your smart phone. Not an easy thought. Gone are the days where cell phones were only used to make calls. Nowadays, we carry around a device that enables us to not only make calls, but also to access the internet, receive and send email, pay bills, manage our banking, listen to music, take pictures, play games and basically help us manage our lives. The smart phone has revolutionized the way we go about our day to day living and as time keeps passing, they keep getting better.

3. Laptop

Nobody Can Imagine to Live without These 7 TechnologiesThe portable machine is one of the most useful technological inventions ever made. You can carry it everywhere you go and it can carry out a range of useful and important tasks. While the creation of tablets such as the amazing iPad have taken the world by storm and are seen to change the way we do most of our portable computing, there is nothing that can compare to the laptop. There are simply some tasks that are best carried out on a laptop and the ability to carry them around with you anywhere is truly one of its best features.

4. TV

Nobody Can Imagine to Live without These 7 TechnologiesThe television is truly one of the greatest inventions. You can pick up a remote and find out what whatever is happening around the world, or watch a sports game you would not have been able to watch otherwise. Nowadays, there are even smart TVs with their own built in apps.

5. The Remote Control

Nobody Can Imagine to Live without These 7 TechnologiesSuch a simple device, yet so powerful. From the universal remote that allows you to control multiple devices such as your TV, Blu-Ray player and home theater to the newer state of the art touch screen remotes that allow you to control every electronic in your home, the remote control is a genius invention. Not only has it made life easier but it surely has given you the opportunity to have greater control of your appliances.

6. GPS

Nobody Can Imagine to Live without These 7 TechnologiesOne cannot underrate how useful GPS is. You never have to get lost again and you do not have to rely on physical maps. Simply typing in an address or typing in the name of a place you want to go allows you to reach your destination with easy and no stress.

7. Refrigerators/Freezers

Nobody Can Imagine to Live without These 7 TechnologiesPrior to the invention of these brilliant appliances, preserving food was not easy. Storing food for a few days could lead to it getting spoiled and becoming inedible. The creation of these two technologies has truly been a great addition to our daily life and imagining life without them seems quite impossible.

Is Technology Replacing The Reading Resources?

Is Technology Replacing The Reading ResourcesTechnology has revolutionized the art of doing business and now it is changing how people read. Statistics from a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2011 and 2012 indicate shows that, 21 percent or 1 out of 5 Americans have read e-content in the past one year. This number went up following a gift-giving season that saw a rise in the ownership of e-reading devices such as Nooks and Kindles. In December 2011, about 17 percent claimed to have read an e-book. By February of the following year, the number went up to 21 percent. So, is technology replacing the reading resources?

The debate of whether e-content is replacing printed content has been going on for years with no clear consensus in sight. In spite of the raging debate, one thing is clear, more people are reading electronic content compared to print.

So, what is contributing to the increase in e-reading? Why is the electronic content catching up with print so fast?

Shift in reading culture

The rise of e-reading in the US is part of a larger story indicating a major shift from printed material to digital content. In a broader survey conducted in December 2011 on e-content, 43 percent of Americans aged 16 and above reported to have read some e-content such as journals, magazines and news articles on e-book reader, tablet or cell phone.

Those who reported reading e-content also stood out in almost every other aspect from other readers. First, these are avid readers of books in all formats. Basically, 88 percent of people who read e-content in the past 1 year also read printed books. They read more books compared to other readers for various reasons including research, pleasure, for school or work.

Ease of access

Is Technology Replacing The Reading ResourcesE-reading takes place across a wide variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets or cell phones. The ability to access content on various devices encourages more people to consume e-content compared to printed material.


While the debate of electronic versus print content was raging, millions of e-content consumers realized a simple fact: e-content does not weigh anything or take up the space required by printed material. These books are not only portable, but also customizable and come with a wide variety of internet-connected features.

Unlike conventional books, you can now borrow from e-lending libraries such as Oyster without getting too worried about return dates. In addition, e-libraries give readers an array of endless titles to choose from.

Cost efficiency

Is Technology Replacing The Reading ResourcesMost book readers would rather buy than borrow. In the study conducted in 2011, 61 percent of e-book readers preferred to buy their own copies compared to 54 percent of print readers. The study also found that people who own e-reading devices are more likely to purchase compared to others. E-content readers claimed that it was easier and cheaper to buy electronic resources from online bookstores compared to buying from a conventional bookstore.

Ultimately, is technology replacing the reading resources? Here, the answer seems to be a resounding “yes”. However, before you rule out printed material, the study also indicated that the “real” book as most physical book lovers call print content is here to stay.

Best 3 Metal Detectors That Never Miss The Target

Finding the best metal detectors for use in the market can be a daunting task, especially for beginners who want to start a “treasure” hunt — detecting any kind of valuable metals they can possibly find on the earth’s surface. As a result, anyone who wants to make his or her metal detecting quests become a smooth one should find a detection gadget that’s easy to use, easily detects all kinds of metals, and offers excellent detection depth for ease and great convenience.

Here is a handy guide that users should follow in order to determine the best 3 metal detectors that never miss the target. Following this guide will ensure that all users buy the very best metal detectors on the market, to help them throughout their metal detecting needs.

1. Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

Best 3 Metal Detectors That Never Miss The TargetBounty Hunter’s Junior Metal Detector gives people a vast, cutting-edge metal-detecting functionality experience — all in a compact, lightweight package. The Bounty Hunter Junior is a superb and convenient facility for detecting or tracking coin-sized objects up to 5” deep and larger objects about 3ft. It has no any restrictive control when it comes to passing through unwanted metals every time the target indicator meter picks an object’s signal strength. To determine the approximate depth of any object, the volume of the signal rises as the object gets closer. The youth and kids of ages between 6 – 12 will have fun using this metal detector for it’s easy to use and, in case they experience any problems, this brilliant metal detector comes with an exclusive Bounty Hunter’s I year warranty to ensure everybody’s experience using the product is awesome!


  • Adjustable power/sensitivity
  • Adjustable trash elimination
  • Low battery indicator
  • Proportional volume to measure strength


  • Highly efficient for detecting the presence of all metals, such as brass, silver, gold, iron and steel.
  • Detects coin-sized object up to 5 inches deep and larger ones up to 2 feet deep.
  • Easy and comfortable to use.

2. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Best 3 Metal Detectors That Never Miss The TargetThe Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector is a state-of-the-art metal detector that’s easy to use and is highly reliable and convenient for any metal detecting tasks. Beginners or any new person to metal detecting quests should have no problem using this device, because once they set the sensitivity and discrimination of devise — they’re ready to hunt for treasure! The detector also makes a great backup every time a user decides to upgrade down the line, which is useful in those series of unexpected detecting session occasions.


  • Automatic ground balance
  • Sensitivity control
  • Built-in speaker
  • Target strength meter
  • Discrimination control
  • And MORE…


  • Easily detects coin-size targets up to 8 inches deep and larger targets up to 2 feet.
  • Detects the presence of all metal types like brass, gold, silver, aluminum, etc.
  • Easy to use knob control interface, making it a great metal detector for beginners.

3. Garrett Metal Detectors Ace 250 Discovery Pack

Best 3 Metal Detectors That Never Miss The TargetThe Garret ACE 250 is a top quality, reliable and easy to use coin and relic detector that’s capable of detecting even the most seemingly small, shallow metals. Although it’s labeled under the “beginners” machine, it is packed with a handful of functions usually found on the upper-end detectors. All users upon purchase of this product will definitely like and find this device to be lightweight and straightforward easy-to use-functions, fun and easy to look after, and budget friendly too.


  • 3piece travel storage disassembles
  • Adjustable arm cuff quarter inch
  • Jack Search Modes Discrimination control
  • 5 plus electronic pinpointing gadget that detects all metals
  • And MORE!


  • Easily detects all kinds of metals on any surface of the earth.
  • Excellent detection depth, meaning it’s capable of tracking even the smallest metal underneath the earth surface.
  • Rugged design and easy-to-use operation interface, making it a great coin and relic detector for beginners.

Above is a roundup of the best 3 metal detectors that never miss the target, they are high quality, easy to use, a great choice for beginners, and are highly efficient in detecting all kinds of metals no matter how deep they are buried in the ground. Therefore, anyone who wants to add some little excitement in their treasure hunt escapade and be sure to get striking results, should look to purchasing and trying out some of these series of cutting-edge metal detectors because they will always live up to their expectations!

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All Ages

The days when you had to purchase a perfect gaming ring and spend a lot of your hard earned money for a real gaming experience are now long gone. Thanks to Android and iPhone, you can now get access to a dedicated and excellent gaming experience for free or just a few bucks.

Play store has App store have plenty of games that are extremely satisfying for all ages. Below are our top six mobile gaming apps presented in no particular order.

1. Swiggle 2.0

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesIf you love playing games, you will love playing Swiggle, a super-addictive light strategy game designed for both Android and iOS. Swiggle is the best alternative to Words With Friends. Though the gameplay is quite similar, there are no words or letters involved, thus making it an international game that is fun for all ages. The players place the tiles next to each other as they connect ‘swiggly’ wandering lines and earn points. Additionally, you can play against the ‘Swiggle Bot’, the single player mode. The app can be downloaded from the game’s website,, or at Google Play, or the App Store in iTunes.

2. Angry Birds Go!

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesAngry Birds Go! is a free racing game from Rovio, the same team that launched the original Angry Birds. The game looks similar to a cartoon with cel-shaded graphics and plays like Mario Kart. The game has a different number of modes such as racing others, crashing through a predetermined number of items, avoiding obstacles, and boss chases. New characters are unlocked, cars can be upgraded as you progress, each with their own unique characteristics. The backgrounds, visuals, and animations are consistently strong. Once you beat the introductory levels you are in for an entertaining ride.

3. Disney Crossy Road

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesA kingdom of Disney characters can be unlocked in this game, Disney Crossy Road. This game has been downloaded over 50 million times. It is designed to attract a new raft of players. The game enables you to cross as many roads as you can while collecting coins for buying more stars spanning various Disney films. Each has its own music and world for all the film fans out there. With this game, you will see how you can survive with your favorites from Lion King, Toy Story, Zootopia, and much more.

4. Lara Croft GO

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesLara Croft Go reimagines the classic action platformer Tomb Raider as a turn-based puzzle board game. You just have to guide Lara Croft through ancient ruins in search of forgotten treasures and also to unravel the mystery behind the Queen of Venom. Many audio and animations effects provide a pulp adventure feel while retaining the GO series’ challenging puzzle gameplay.

5. Need For Speed No Limits

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesThis is a free racing game that has the capability to provide short, but intense and exciting races as you blast through underground streets racing circuit. Smart use of nitro, drafting, and drifting are necessary to win. Winning earns you parts to modify your blueprints, or cars in order to unlock new machines. The game features premium currency systems and a variety of in-game, as well as a fuel system.

6. Prune

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesPrune is a relaxing, minimalist puzzle game which draws heavily from the Japanese art of bonsai. The players need to carefully cultivate a growing plant, prune stray branches and take advantage of the environment and obstacles. If everything goes smoothly and your plant gets enough light, then you are rewarded with an elegant bonsai tree. Prune’s stark, minimalist aesthetic is a joy to behold.