How Technology Does Affect Relationships?

How Technology Does Affect RelationshipsIn this modern world, it is impossible to survive without technology. Different gadgets like smartphones, have become an integral part of our daily life, and we can’t imagine living without them. It is true, that technology helps us to keep contact with our friends and relatives all around the globe. But in a way it is affecting our relationships. If you visit any park, you will find couples staring at their smartphones instead of communicating with each other. We end up spending more time with our gadgets, rather than with our friends or partners. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and technology is affecting that. Life without technology is not boring, our grandparents are the best example of that.

The main ways by which technology is affecting relationships are:


Video games is one of the biggest distractions, which affects relationships. Because of the rise of smartphones, mobile gaming has become hugely popular. You will find most of the guys addicted to games like Clash Of Clans or Temple Run. Video games makes us ignore the people around us. Also, video games with too violence inside it is very harmful. It affects our minds, and it can have an indirect effect on our relationships.


We can’t imagine a life without our phones. Forget the entire day, we feel uncomfortable even if we don’t have our phone with us for two hours. Our day starts with checking the notifications in the phone, and then we use the phone continuously for professional or personal use. It is affecting our relationships. It makes us ignore the people around us. Face to face communication is extremely important for a healthy relationship.


How Technology Does Affect RelationshipsNowadays, it has become a habit for many people to share all the information about their personal lives on social networks. We end up sharing too much information about our relationships. Before posting anything, it is important to realize how your partner will feel about it, and how it will affect your relationship. Some things should be kept private for a happy relationship.


Technology can have a serious effect on our health, especially mental health. Anxiety and depression may creep in inside you. It makes us become short tempered, and we end up saying something to our loved ones which we didn’t mean to say. It affects us physically as well. Different diseases can occur like insomnia. It has an adverse affect on relations and also sex life.


Trust is the key element behind every successful relationship. And online chatting doesn’t help the situation. If we find our partners constantly chatting with someone, a sense of insecurity creeps in. It results in fights, and thousands of relationships have ended this way.


Sometimes all we need is a warm hug or at least a handshake. All those smileys or emoji, which we receive on social media, doesn’t have that personal feel attached to it. Physical touch is very important in a relationship. Technology affects our relationships, but in this modern world, it is not possible for us survive without technology. All we have to do is balance things properly and make sure that our relationships stay healthy.

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