Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All Ages

The days when you had to purchase a perfect gaming ring and spend a lot of your hard earned money for a real gaming experience are now long gone. Thanks to Android and iPhone, you can now get access to a dedicated and excellent gaming experience for free or just a few bucks.

Play store has App store have plenty of games that are extremely satisfying for all ages. Below are our top six mobile gaming apps presented in no particular order.

1. Swiggle 2.0

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesIf you love playing games, you will love playing Swiggle, a super-addictive light strategy game designed for both Android and iOS. Swiggle is the best alternative to Words With Friends. Though the gameplay is quite similar, there are no words or letters involved, thus making it an international game that is fun for all ages. The players place the tiles next to each other as they connect ‘swiggly’ wandering lines and earn points. Additionally, you can play against the ‘Swiggle Bot’, the single player mode. The app can be downloaded from the game’s website,, or at Google Play, or the App Store in iTunes.

2. Angry Birds Go!

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesAngry Birds Go! is a free racing game from Rovio, the same team that launched the original Angry Birds. The game looks similar to a cartoon with cel-shaded graphics and plays like Mario Kart. The game has a different number of modes such as racing others, crashing through a predetermined number of items, avoiding obstacles, and boss chases. New characters are unlocked, cars can be upgraded as you progress, each with their own unique characteristics. The backgrounds, visuals, and animations are consistently strong. Once you beat the introductory levels you are in for an entertaining ride.

3. Disney Crossy Road

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesA kingdom of Disney characters can be unlocked in this game, Disney Crossy Road. This game has been downloaded over 50 million times. It is designed to attract a new raft of players. The game enables you to cross as many roads as you can while collecting coins for buying more stars spanning various Disney films. Each has its own music and world for all the film fans out there. With this game, you will see how you can survive with your favorites from Lion King, Toy Story, Zootopia, and much more.

4. Lara Croft GO

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesLara Croft Go reimagines the classic action platformer Tomb Raider as a turn-based puzzle board game. You just have to guide Lara Croft through ancient ruins in search of forgotten treasures and also to unravel the mystery behind the Queen of Venom. Many audio and animations effects provide a pulp adventure feel while retaining the GO series’ challenging puzzle gameplay.

5. Need For Speed No Limits

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesThis is a free racing game that has the capability to provide short, but intense and exciting races as you blast through underground streets racing circuit. Smart use of nitro, drafting, and drifting are necessary to win. Winning earns you parts to modify your blueprints, or cars in order to unlock new machines. The game features premium currency systems and a variety of in-game, as well as a fuel system.

6. Prune

Top 6 Mobile Gaming Apps That Amuse to All AgesPrune is a relaxing, minimalist puzzle game which draws heavily from the Japanese art of bonsai. The players need to carefully cultivate a growing plant, prune stray branches and take advantage of the environment and obstacles. If everything goes smoothly and your plant gets enough light, then you are rewarded with an elegant bonsai tree. Prune’s stark, minimalist aesthetic is a joy to behold.